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Founding members

Marie-Jeanne N'Gomwegi Achen

President of AK asbl, she worked in the business community in the DRC and she was very involved from humanitarian standpoint aiding the cause surrounding children on the streets, women diagnosed with AIDS, children diagnosed with poliomyelitis, as well as needy persons imprisoned at the Makela Central Prison in Kinshasa. She currently lives between Kinshasa and Kisangani.

She also takes care of

- the management and proper functioning of the "Mère Térésa de Calcutta" school complex.

- raising parents' awareness of the importance of educating and schooling children.

Amand Kikassa Upento

Vice-President of AK asbl et General Secretary of the « Mère Térésa de Calcutta » school complex, he makes many trips between Brussels, Kinshasa and Kisangani within the framework of the objectives of the association. Sport coach at the Blocry center in Louvain-la-Neuve, he has many years of experiences with young adults and children.


Keetje Tromp Meesters

Treasurer for the AK asbl, consultant in human resources and accountant, she had the opportnity to visit the school in Kisangani and worked tirelessly to give a chance to the needy children.


François-Xavier Mulunda Mutombo

In charge of external relations for AK asbl in the DRC, legal expert and director of human resources at Brussels Airlines / DRC, he showed a lot of commitment to the project .


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