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Based on the initial observation that very few children go to the school in rural areas around the city of Kisangani, in the Eastern Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, AK asbl has set itself the goal of providing schooling for a good population of children


The association took the initiative to build a school complex "Mère Térésa de Calcutta" to provide schooling education for young children welcomed in the school, but also to finance the educational supervision of children by scholared professors from the country's universities.

In the face of the extreme poverty of some families, AK asbl decided that the lack of financial means should not be an obstacle to access education ans schooling.

And to meet the difficulties faced by families, mainly the cost of schooling and the fact that parents lose with the schooling of the child a significant labor for agricultural work, AK asbl offers free school fees to the poorest families and offers half-day schooling for five days a week (compensation).


Beyond the educational piece, the beneficial side of a school environment is the learning of hygiene rules and health care.

A positive impact of the education of children, and espacially girls, has repercussions both in the short term on their families but also, in the long term, on their future life both at home and at work.


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