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The School Complex "Mère Térésa de Calcutta"

AK asbl runs its own school called the school complex "Mère Térésa de Calcutta" located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the province of Tshopo, specifically in the city of Kisangani.

The school is accredited by the provincial Ministry of Kisangani, by the provincial order  01/JBS/0011/CAB/PROGOU/PO/2015 du 26/01/2015 (approval and authorization of private schools).

Il is also part of the accredited private Catholic schools (Archdiocese of Kisangani).

The school

The construction of the school complex « Mère Térésa de Calcutta » began in 2010, and in September 2013 the first school year with three classes, one kindergarten and the first two primaries. 

In a spirit of continuity of objectives set forth by AK asbl, to inaugurate a new class per school year, the 6th grade started in September 2017.

And for the first time, in June 2018, the 6th grade students passed their primary school diploma, and thus obtained their access to secundary education.

The sewing workshop

In the school complex, AK asbl has set up a sewing workshop for the training of young single mothers.

Our goal in this project is to monitor these young girls at the end of their training so that they can be financially and socially independant. That's how we decided to create a fund-raising sewing cooperative. Therefore companies in the region will be able place orders to fabricate the work clothes of their workers and employees.

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