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Originally, we worked in an informal manner by providing financial support as well as psychological and moral support to children in the streets in the city of Kinshasa, commonly known as "Shegue".

We then looked at the case of adolescents with poliomyelitis, a disease affecting lower muscle atrophy which results in weakness and makes mobility very difficult. With the help of Congolese surgeons, we made sure that these children could move standing up using prosthetic devices and crutches, thus allowing them to regain some dignity.

We also provided moral and logistical support to women suffering from the AIDS virus (HIV) because this disease was still unknown and poorly perceived by some sections of populations.

AK asbl organized the financing of the schooling of young orphans of the "Marie-Reine de la Paix" school in the Eastern Province, thanks to a sponsorship system. 

This system worked for a few years. But finally it proved painstakingly difficult due to a lack of communication and different vision by the school authorities.


We then thought about setting up a bottom-up education process, managing early childhood education, with the plans of building our very own school.


That is why we decided to take, end of 2008, a legal status in the form of a non-profit organization, AK asbl, whose act of incorporation is published in the Moniteur Belge (Public Federal Service).

And this is how the school complex « Mère Térésa de Calcutta », was created and is managed by AK asbl.

Our objectives are :

* To educate via schooling a maximum number of children as early on as the age of three years old.

* To educate as many girls as possible, because the non-schooling of our girls, in rural areas, is an real issue: their parents do not see the extreme need to send their daughters to school... Yes, it's a reality !!

* To bring awareness to children to participate in the decision-making, learning democracy and entrepreneurship mindset.


* Give the opportunity to all these little brown heads:

- to gain access to computers,
- to become familiar with computers.

* To make families aware of the  importance of educating children, espacially girls.

We work in this direction and count on your support, "travelling" friends.


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